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What type of base do you prefer for your desktop Linux OS?

@EdwardTorvalds debian and ubuntu are quite different experiences imho. also debian stable can be quite old compared to ubuntu. also i would never dare to put rhel (enterprise) and fedora (rolling distro) on the same level

@sesivany @EdwardTorvalds ehm. (fedora) rawhide is a rolling release distro. but fedora has also releases every 6 months. but yeah living with rhel&debian stable 6months is quite rollin' for me ;)


@da_habakuk @sesivany @EdwardTorvalds I've been following Rawhide on and off for years. Its rolling nature was never the issue. The main issues I had were RPM Fusion packages being out of sync (they got better at rebuilding them quickly, but not quickly enough) and a few packagers who thought it was ok to push known-broken updates because "rawhide isn't supposed to be stable all the time". This is the mindset that pushed me to .

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