@rune Ah, you can do either way. That's why I was finding opposing advice.

Will the reviewers still be able to see the diffs since their last comments if I amend?

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@codewiz @rune another way to do it is to make separate commits even for minor fixes, and one you the LGTMs, you squash everything. That way, it's easy to review and it does not pollute the main branch after the merge

@angristan @rune Ah, is there a checkbox in the GitHub UI to merge with --squash?

@codewiz When you go to merge a pull request the button has an arrow dropdown on the right side letting you choose how you want to merge, see:

@djdavid98 @rune @PeterCxy @angristan This was the PR, btw:

It's nothing special, just something I used to debug the HDR stuff.

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