Crossing the Edo River (えど川) back to the Tokyo shore.

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The flowers in the pictures don't seem to match what's in the pond 🤔

Any botanists?

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Crossing back the Arakawa river (あら川) at sunset... Still 14km to go... 🥵

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I stopped for a quick bath at 大黒湯 (Daikoku-yu), but they didn't have food.

I also found closed at T's TanTan in Ueno Station, my favorite vegan ramen-ya 🤤

But I didn't even get a burrito today!

I biked all day on a small sandwich, a taiyaki, two Coke Zero and one can of Orangina.

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I got stopped by the 警察!

I was riding by Chiyoda, and three cops stood in the way and made me stop. "Do you have a light?"

Oh shit... I had a tiny headlight strapped to the handlebar, but I forgot to turn on after sunset! So I switch it on, in flash mode.

"Uh? Is this enough?"... I mean... the roads are well lit, that's just to make me more visible to cars.

So they ask for my 在留カード (residence card. Luckily, I had it in my wallet. One of them goes back inside the 交番 (koban) with my card...

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Meanwhile, a female agent remains behind and asks me: "where were you going?"
"returning home, today I rode to Matsudo in Chiba"
"えええ” (sounding impressed)

"What's your job?"
”Sofuto enjinia"

"Where do you work?"

”Where is your office?"
"Shibuya, but now it's closed due to Coronavirus"

She writes my answers on a notebook. WTF? Was this a fucking interrogation? Are they gonna verify if my story checks out???

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The other agents return my card. One of them says goodbye and leaves. Apparently his shift is over.

The other agent also asks me a couple of questions. One I'm not sure if I understood correctly: "Do you have any Italian friends?"
"Yes, in Italy I have friends and family"
No, here in Japan"
"全然 (zenzen). I'm here for work."

Now I'm being more careful not to say anything strange that would trigger more questions. I'm starting to get a bit anxious...

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Eventually they tell me to be more careful and let me go 😥

I forget to turn on my headlight again. But they don't seem to notice as I slowly and carefully ride away... on the sidewalk of course. That was never even mentioned as a problem 😅

I wonder if anything was written down on a permanent police record about me?

"Headlight was not on after dusk" "Headlight was small"
"Rides gūguru color bike, not reported stolen"
"Delusions about working at gūguru, but looked homeless"

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Anyway, I finally returned home after riding 64km, a new personal record.

My legs are surprisingly not too tired, but I got way too much sun on my shoulders. I had sunscreen with me, but forgot to put it on as soon as it cleared up in the afternoon! 😡🌤️

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@tsturm Thank you for tuning in! Insta-tooting while doing things enhances the experience for me.

I love the feedback and the questions I get from you all. It doubles my motivation to get off my lazy ass and do something new.

ありがとうございます! 🙇

@codewiz It was fun and makes me miss Japan SO much! :)

@codewiz people be like "wow those highliners and climbers and so rad"

but 60+km at summer going between Tokyo, Chiba and Saitama? damn son

(I can speak English I swear :blobcatderpy: )

@xerz Well, it's been a mild season so far, and today was cloudy... just not cloudy enough to go around all day while wearing a sleeveless shirt 😢

@codewiz I guess they were just bored and you looked interesting enough to fill the time. :)

@codewiz You should've told them:


@tagomago My bike was designed by the same guy who picked the color scheme for the Falco 😂

@codewiz Reading this thread makes me want to move to Japan! Bike tour in a generally bike-friendly country, followed by a dip in an onsen. That's the life!

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