@codewiz Perhaps you look VERY hungry and tired after a all-day-long bike tour. Return savely! 🙏

@almn76 Sorry, I caused your reply to become unlinked by accidentally deleting the post (I wanted to re-draft the last one).

@codewiz No problem, relax and enjoy your rest at home! 😄 Dinner?

@almn76 One tomato with some leftover vegan mozzarella and olive oil and bread, one banana, plenty of peanuts, blueberries, iced green tea...

I really didn't feel like cooking 😒


This is light food 👍 It's in the middle of the night in Japan.

@almn76 Yeah, I wouldn't want to immediately re-acquire 120% of the carbohydrates and the fats I had to burn today 😅

@codewiz The food is sooo expensive in Japan. It's easier to stay slim for you 🤭😆


@almn76 I stopped by a grocery store on the way back. I wanted to buy carrots under the (perhaps bogus) popular belief that it will help cope with sunburn.

But single carrots were selling for 150¥, and a pack of three was selling for 350¥, iirc. So I bought the tomatoes instead, which were on sale: 350¥ for a bag of 8. Never seen such a low price before.


Well, Japan has limited resources for agriculture.

1 kg carrots costs 0,69 € in Spain. (as I remember, 0,49 € in Germany)

@almn76 They also deliberately didn't open the floodgates to let cheap labor in... and they're also too conservative to embrace technology that brings down cost of labor, like those self-driving tractors which are becoming commonplace in the US:


@almn76 If you scroll way back in this thread, you'll see an おじいさん pushing a rusty machine on the field... This is 20km from the the center of Tokyo. I'm happy that grandpa is getting his exercise, but this _does_ have serious consequence on the cost of everyone's carrots and tomatoes.

@almn76 @almn76 Now I wonder how grapes are grown in Japan to cost over ¥2000 per cluster?

Even if ojiisan dug the holes with his bare hands... how can they cost so much? And why can't they just import cheaper fruit from Taiwan? If they import bananas, why not grapes?

I'm thinking there must be some Grape Yakuza of sorts 😎

@codewiz Until last year, the japanese market was quite closed. But with the JP/EU Trade Agreement at least european food will be cheaper in japanese supermarkets in the future.

@almn76 YES! I'm looking forward to buy pecorino cheese for less than my rent.

@codewiz You could establish your own italian food import business in Japan 💪😆

@codewiz I watched a documentary about new "vegetables houses" (not only) in Japan. They are using LED light and install the plants on different levels / heights. For salad and tomatoes yes, but it won't work well with carrots, hmm?

@almn76 Yes:

TL;DR: Root crops such as turnips, radishes, carrots and beets can all be grown hydroponically.

@codewiz Yes, there are a lot of DIY videos on YouTube about hydroponic agriculture. But I have my doubts that it will go well in a industrial scale.

@almn76 Agreed. If you don't see commercial farmers do something, it means there's some economic disadvantage.

I heard that hydroponic cultures are likely to get contaminated by bacteria that cause the roots to rot... {{Citation needed}}

@codewiz No, you can manage the flow of water well. If you do so, there won't be rotting.
When we speak about an industry, we have to focus on return on investment 💸 That's the idea behind capitalism.
And if customers have enough money for and are willing to buy expensive food, there is no need to change the way of doing. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@almn76 Yes, and this begs another question: why are Japanese consumers willing to open their wallets and pay more for things?

If this only happened with food, we could dismiss it as obsession for quality. But last year I wanted to buy a BENQ screen (produced in Taiwan), and I ended up importing it from the US. Even with shipping and customs, it was still cheaper than buying from Japanese retailers:


@codewiz If an economy and their markets are closed or restricted, national companies have to face less competition. If some markets are not following completely international standards, "national champions" and their "developed special products" are free of international competitors.
I read some articles about banking, telecommunication, transport billing, ... in Japan. Many propietary solutions are in use. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@almn76 It's unclear why a country where almost everybody is highly educated and socially conscious would voluntarily decide to commit this economic suicide and then spend the next 20 years wondering why Korea and China seem to be growing faster.

Any student of economy would easily spot a problem with that 😂

But then again, this is also the country that took 2 months to send two masks per family (regardless of the size of the family, lol) and they were also too small for anyone's face 🤦‍♂️

@codewiz Well, after the boom years, the japanese bubble bursted in 1990. In Spain, the same happened in 2007. The economy, the welfare system of common people burned out, the debt frozes many potentials.

Another question, independently, is to close or open the markets. Free markets are a fairytale, but the restrictions can be strict or less. Every way has its own advantages and disadvantages.

@almn76 Very wise words. I also believe that markets need to be regulated to enable the constructive forms of competition and weed out rent-seeking behavior, deceptive marketing, monopolies, and all the other practices that don't benefit society as a whole.

The United States had done an excellent job at it in many industries... up until lobbyists figured out how to install their men in the regulatory agencies such as the FCC, the FDA and the FAA to get regulations that will benefit themselves.

@codewiz I guess we have to differenciate between the "normal" staff and the directors of agencies in the US and other countries. When it comes to politics (level of directors board), ... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
I'm not living in Japan, but it seems to me, the japanese government has a very protection-orientated style of politics. Protection, safety / security, calm, conservation.

@codewiz By the way ... students of economy ...

In "modern" universities they teach the old fairytales of the last 40 or 50 years, the same "science" that didn't work.

@almn76 because that way the math is easier to understand 😂


🎧 Cosmo - Quando ho incontrato te 😄

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