I've been using for a few weeks, both the web and the mobile client, and...'s a pretty damn solid experience! Finally a well-designed, secure, free as in freedom IM that doesn't suck.

Could you all, you know, ditch Slack, IRC, WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord and move to Matrix? Onegai-shimasu 🙏

Pretty sure Riot is planning on changing their name soon. I've got a few of my technology-oriented friends on riot, but I'm waiting until they change their name to try to get my whole friendgroup to switch so as to not confuse my non technology-oriented friends.

@Zambyte Good point. I saw their announcement, but I already forgot what the new name was 😅

AFAIK they haven't announced a new name yet. They made a pre-announcment as a warning that they would be making the change soon, and so it wouldn't be a surprise when they announce a new name.

@Zambyte @matrix I'm stuck at trying to compare emoji against the app on Android. Is Riot 0.9.12 not new enough? Do I need to use RiotX? And where is the Element app?
~ A confused user 😉

@codewiz it's a bit tricky to use for group chats. and I haven't had much luck with verifying the encryption personally. I like what they're trying to do, but it doesn't yet compare to Signal in terms of user-friendliness

@theMannyWillNotBeTelevised Ok, you might have tested it too long ago. Now it Just Works (tm) for large groups.

Try joining this one:

@theMannyWillNotBeTelevised Well, admittedly, I now have 5 clients all called " (Chrome, Linux)", and there's one which needs to be verified, but I can't figure out which one it was 😅

@codewiz @theMannyWillNotBeTelevised on Riot/Web or Desktop you hover over the names to get a unique device ID (sorry for bad UX :( )

@codewiz yeah it's very good and getting better! we use it for our internal communication for Plausible!

@codewiz Already done ✌️ in combination with Conversations (XMPP)

@codewiz #matrix is indeed nice. Have you tried some other clients yet? I recommend looking into Mirage or Nheko on desktop and FluffyChat on mobile.

I've been on matrix the past year. My experience is different. It's 'usable' encryption is too complicated, there are huge problems in big rooms. Better to have an account on a smaller server rather than joining Sometimes sending a message is very slow.

But it's usable.

@codewiz Riot is okay, but I find it still has some of the inconsistency and cobbled-together feeling of some proprietary software :<

it's worked as my primary communication app for more than a year, though

Someone say me that Riot force to use their stun server. If you want to use an other server you need to recompile application. I don't have yet verify this things.

@codewiz Thanks for introducing me to it! If only I could convince my friends to use it now, lmao

@tskaalgard That's *the* problem with all new social and communication platforms.

Driving user adoption takes more than just having good code and good infrastructure. You also need a huge marketing budget to make sure your product is visible in the news, and also hire a bunch of designers to make it *look* professional for enterprise decision makers.

But it seems Element (aka Riot) has this covered. Just look at their website and tell me if it's not enterprise ready 😉

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