I've been using Riot.im for a few weeks, both the web and the mobile client, and...

...it's a pretty damn solid experience! Finally a well-designed, secure, free as in freedom IM that doesn't suck.

Could you all, you know, ditch Slack, IRC, WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord and move to Matrix? Onegai-shimasu 🙏

@codewiz it's a bit tricky to use for group chats. and I haven't had much luck with verifying the encryption personally. I like what they're trying to do, but it doesn't yet compare to Signal in terms of user-friendliness


@theMannyWillNotBeTelevised Ok, you might have tested it too long ago. Now it Just Works (tm) for large groups.

Try joining this one:

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@theMannyWillNotBeTelevised Well, admittedly, I now have 5 clients all called "riot.im/app (Chrome, Linux)", and there's one which needs to be verified, but I can't figure out which one it was 😅

@codewiz @theMannyWillNotBeTelevised on Riot/Web or Desktop you hover over the names to get a unique device ID (sorry for bad UX :( )

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