I've been using Riot.im for a few weeks, both the web and the mobile client, and...

...it's a pretty damn solid experience! Finally a well-designed, secure, free as in freedom IM that doesn't suck.

Could you all, you know, ditch Slack, IRC, WhatsApp, Telegram and Discord and move to Matrix? Onegai-shimasu 🙏

Pretty sure Riot is planning on changing their name soon. I've got a few of my technology-oriented friends on riot, but I'm waiting until they change their name to try to get my whole friendgroup to switch so as to not confuse my non technology-oriented friends.


@Zambyte Good point. I saw their announcement, but I already forgot what the new name was 😅

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AFAIK they haven't announced a new name yet. They made a pre-announcment as a warning that they would be making the change soon, and so it wouldn't be a surprise when they announce a new name.

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