Thunderbird 78 rolls out with various UI redesigns, including a much improved dark mode. Also, integrated PGP / GPG support.

The DKIM Verifier extension is currently broken, but the author is working on it.

Conversations works, but the message display doesn't honor the dark skin.

@codewiz Sounds like great improvements to Thunderbird. I`m using both Calendar and PGP so looking forward to see them getting better in the future.

@codewiz ... and yet, in 2020, Thunderbird developers decide that the best way to promote the new features is to use macOs (ie. proprietary software) to take screenshots of a free program!

Why GNU/Linux is not good enough for such screenshots!?

#thunderbird78 #thunderbird

@abhas At I spotted several hackers walking around with MacBooks. Even some @eff folks have been spotted using them 😞

I mean... anyone's free to use whatever OS they like, but when you're an organization promoting privacy and freedom, maybe you should be mindful of the message you project.

It bothers me that my donations to the EFF support purchasing this Apple garbage that's antithetic to an open platform controlled by its user.

Isn't the Linux desktop good enough today?

@codewiz @abhas @eff There is one person who walks the talk at EFF, Seth David Schoen. A lot of the rest use all use non-free web services and computers. I have long stopped saying anything good about EFF to my friends (still have my old membership T-shirt which I occasionally wear)...

@vu3rdd While they aren't saints, the @eff is pretty much the *only* organization which is able to effectively advocate for digital rights with *actual* policymakers.

Everyone else argues inward, and that's not very useful; our community knows already that the DMCA and software patents are bad... but we can't do anything about them because we don't write the bills. Most of us can't even be bothered to *read* them, dammit! 😅


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