Good news everyone! Shinzo Abe told his cabinet to re-establish travel with other countries to... promote tourism 😂


In dissonance with the Prime Minister, yesterday the Governor of Tokyo asked residents to refrain from travelling outside the city, "warning of the imminent possibility of a second wave".

Well, at this point it doesn't look like a *possibility* any more 😱

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Do politicians in write their public speeches two weeks in advance? Or do they look at different data from me?

@globalc @benoit @mayuutann @ashphy @makuharigaijin

@codewiz They also look at the data, but it looks like something from the business community is also working. 🤔 For a variety of reasons, it's not easy to change a decision. When the decision was made for this "go-to travel" campaign, Covid19 seemed to go to the end.

@argentum Hmm... That doesn't look like the American flag... 🤨

@codewiz ah, well my avatar is misleading -- just a color pattern and not a flag.

@codewiz It's even the third one as don't show before March. But it started in February. Every time the wave seems stronger.

@benoit It's because people become less scared with each wave.

Technically, we could get rid of with just 3-4 weeks of proper social isolation, but it doesn't work with 20% of non-compliant population keeping the reproduction rate up.

@codewiz I planned a road trip with my girlfriend in chiba prefecture in August, maybe not the best idea... Well at least we don't go to crowded places.

@benoit Even if they called a complete lockdown today, cases will continue to grow for 2-3 more weeks, making August the peak.

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