Good morning. It's another rainy, gloomy day here in 🙁

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@codewiz silver lining: maybe more people will stay home, reducing the spread of COVID! 🌦🌞🌟

@dragfyre haha, that's exactly what I was hoping too!

But they might instead go to crowded indoors spaces, like malls and restaurants!

@codewiz 可愛い傘があるの?

@nguy 全然違う!一番安いコンビニの傘をもってるよ!

@nguy I keep losing them... even if I buy a good one it won't last very long 😅

@codewiz why do you keep losing them? I don't live in Japan but we get rain here, I protect my umbrella with my life !

@nguy I imagine some anime character yelling 「絶対傘を守る!」

@codewiz 俺は酔いでも that's fucking funny.

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