Today I biked to Anahachimangu Shrine in Shinjuku City, Tokyo.

@codewiz Asian architecture is so much more interesting that the North American stuff.

@coolpup I love the curved lines and proportions of Buddhist architecture...

...but, to be honest, I think European cathedral are a much more majestic display pre-industrial engineering and refined architecture.

@codewiz So do I. That's why I specified North American architecture. Here, and other places, cookie-cutter buildings are the norm.

@coolpup There are many purely utilitarian buildings here as well.

For my European sensitivity, it's hard to see why a city as wealthy as Tokyo would let its landscape be disfigured by ugly concrete buildings and even rusty shacks.

Especially when maintenance of roads and public green is impeccable.

@codewiz It could be that the ugly buildings are in the "wrong" part of town.

@coolpup Ah, no: Tokyo doesn't really have degraded suburbs the same way other big cities do. There are not even clearly separate residential and business areas.

I see rusty buildings just next to the shiny ones, even in famous districts like Roppongi and Asakusa.

See for yourself. This cluster of shacks is in the middle Akihabara:,13

@codewiz They don't have the same space we have in North America. I guess that putting "less-than-desirable" looking buildings where they won't be seen as much could be a European thing from the "olden days".

@codewiz for some reason I feel like that structure looks upside down, as if the roof had been placed under the building

@heavilydoped @nitin I love the curved lines of Buddhist architecture.

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