Wow, that's quite a majestic tree...

(note the iron patch on top)


View from 東品川海上公園 (Higashi Shinagawa Marine Park)

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I know all the characters:
所 = place
港 = port
南 = south
橋 = bridge

But what would be the correct reading? Maybe しょこうなんばし (shokounanbashi)?


Today's ride was 21km, from noon to 7pm, with many stops to take photos, eat in the park, get espresso and shop for groceries.

@kai Wikipedia says that Rei lives in Rokugatsu-chō. So yeah, different bridge.

@codewiz haha, cool. So much happens on that bridge!

@kai Being depressed because he won a game, being depressed because he's lonely, being depressed because he's no longer lonely...

@kai Added to my Want to Go list, I'll go check it out next time I'm feeling depressed!

@kai Which one, 中 or 央? Both translate to "center" in English, but you need both of them together when you really want to say "center" 😒

@codewiz the first one. I'm trying to learn characters common to Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. I will probably trend toward Korean but I'm not sure yet. I've never been to Asia.

@kai Now is *clearly* not the right time, but... please come visit soon!

@codewiz I had been planning to visit at least Korea before. I'm OK with the thought of flying from an English speaking airport to a non English speaking airport, but I'm a little intimated at the thought of flying around Asia 😅

@kai my experience in Korea was that everyone speaks English, and all stations have signs in English. Much better than Tokyo.

@codewiz that's interesting! Tokyo is often regarded as so well trodden by foreigners, where as I hear they're still a relatively rare sight in Korea.

@kai Probably a difference in how English is taught in school.

Or maybe it's my own bias for seeing only the touristic side of Seoul (hotels, restaurants) while interacting with locals in Tokyo (supermarket, police...)

@codewiz I have read that Korean would be embarrassed to use their English skills.

@kai I don't know if Seoul is as safe as Tokyo...

I lost my backpack again last week, and I didn't even realize it for 3 days, until I got a letter from the Akasaka police headquarters, asking me to go to the lost items department.

Good thing I had a credit card in the backpack so they could trace me down 😅

@codewiz sounds like you need to put something in your backpack that beeps when you step away from it 😂

I'm pretty sure that as an american I'm going to feel quite safe 😋

@kai I wonder if they sell Bluetooth dongles doing exactly this... 🤔

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