I'm trying out for the first time and I'm finding it much saner than other tiling window managers, but there's still a lot of integration work left as an exercise for new users.

Now trying to solve the last remaining needs:
- applet for sound
- start kwalletd or gnome-keyring
- kde apps don't use Breeze Dark
- run swaylock on Mod4+L
- run "systemctl suspend" on power button
- replace dmenu with wofi or bemenu
- check out i3blocks

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@codewiz Do you use an input system? I use sway on my workplace box. The box is in the office, still runs Fedora31, and on the packaged sway there I never got ibus to run (via ibus-wayland).
Another issue is due to wayland not allowing full screen sharing with bluejeans or google-meet.

@globalc ah, right. I need ibus-mozc, and a panel icon to show the active IM.

I wish distros had a "sway-desktop" metapackage that did all the integration for a reasonable desktop experience.

Yes, I could figure it out on my own.
But no, in 2020 I expect it to be the distro's job to provide a fully functional desktop UX out of the box.


@codewiz A well, "fully" is also relative, for example for us the input-framework is part of that "fully" while it's for most not.

@codewiz I use fcitx on that system.. as ibus did not work. Will retry with Fed32, but working remote I have not gotten that box updated yet.

@codewiz pretty sure these have been solved before. there are a lot of helpful people on on freenode, I'm sure they'd be glad to help you out

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