Introducing GNOME 3.38: "Orbis"

Great video production value.

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and finally, *finally*, there's an option to reboot the system.

Thank you for listening to users.

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@codewiz lol... battery percentage and reboot button... wow! i hate gnome for their dictatorship what a desktop has to offer and whatnot.. but still its imho the best DE for a linux desktop ;)

@da_habakuk It took a while, but they seem to be reconsidering some of those unusual UI decisions that pushed me away from 3 early on.

My biggest remaining issue is that I want virtual screens to scroll horizontally, like on... well... every desktop environment out there.

Once you've build spacial memory around a layout with 4 screens side-by-side for 20 years, it's hard to change your habits.

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