Despite the popularity of , is still alive and kicking...

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@codewiz that useless creation never was a competitor to cpp. though, cpp trashed the standard with too many sugar features lately. this seems a try to flirt with brainless public. and this is cheap. so its reputation got worse.

@iron_bug I think Rust's borrow checker is quite revolutionary. It solves all the memory safety and thread safety issues of C++ without compromising on performance and without requiring garbage collection or immutable data structures.

Did it require a whole new language? Maybe it could have been bolted onto C++, but...

...well, we'll probably see what it would have been like when C++23 comes out.

@iron_bug @codewiz there's no 'memory safety and thread safety issues of C++'. there're brainless people that pretend being programmers. that's it. and that stupid ones invented their kids pampers because they cannot manage memory and threads. I think this is the creation for losers.
@iron_bug @codewiz and I think it's a VERY bad idea to draw brainless people into programming. this always led to disasters.

@iron_bug We do indeed have a lot of brainless people in the field, but even the smartest and most experienced coders in the industry cannot just look at a codebase the size of Chromium or Linux and convince themselves that there are no memory leaks, buffer overruns, use-after-free, or other serious flaws.

Sure, we have static analyzers and runtime checkers, but those have limits.

I've been using and teaching C++ for over 20 years, and I still miss bugs in code reviews.

@iron_bug @codewiz I've been into system programming for 20+ years. and I prefer C, really. I can use CPP. but it went into sugar toys lately and I rarely use it now. it turns into something overfeatured but not effective.
usually I see bugs in others code, although I dislike to do code reviews. for me it's often easier to rewrite code myself than find all bugs in others code :)
people really got stupid the past decades. terrible code, weird errors, absence of thoughtful architecture and clear algorithms in programs. and instead of hardening the education and raising the professional entry level they invent languages that prohibit the stupid ones from making too many bugs in code. but this does not work in this way. this only attracts to programming people that do not meet the requirements. so we have all that buggy bloatware.
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