Yesterday I went to the room on Matrix to report a memory leak in plasmashell, and the developers suggested I try running it under heaptrack:

debug tools rarely come with a polished UI, but this one is absolutely superb 🤩

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@codewiz Should I try this? I'm pretty good at crashing Document Viewer.

@kai It's even packaged in !

...which, btw, I am using.'s a rolling distro, you know?

...did you know? eh? eh?

@codewiz Clear Linux is rolling as well, but I had to turn off auto updates since there are no sanity checks lol

@kai also, didn't they discontinue desktop support recently?

@codewiz no, they are just shipping stock Gnome 3 and putting less effort into optimizing desktop apps. It's still blazing fast though.

@codewiz what makes you think this old Dell T3500 has Bluetooth? 😂

@codewiz even though my Pinebook Pro is objectively faster than my x86 laptop running Clear Linux, including boot times etc., Clear Linux inexplicably feels faster. Maybe it's all placebo.

@kai we need to do a double blind, where every morning someone reboots your dual-boot laptop into GNOME, and you just use it without knowing whether it's Clear Linux or whatever distro.

At the end of the day, you have to give a 1 to 5 judgement of snappy it was.

@codewiz I always wanted someone to help me test my sound card like this 😋

I did ABX testing with a foobar2000 plugin to compare 320kbps mp3 vs. a "master quality" FLAC and scored better than guessing (but not perfect).

But hardware is a lot harder to test.

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