Today I'm at the clinic for the yearly health examination.

They perform lots of advanced tests in a couple of hours, including CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, ECG, chest x-ray, retina imaging and the dreadful barium gastrointestinal tract test (which is still better than a colonoscopy).

@codewiz Is this health examination the consequence of a previous health issue or standard practice at a certain age in Japan?

@sozialwelten It's an yearly examination included with the insurance. The barium is used to discover early gastrointestinal tumors, so I suppose it starts to be prescribed after 40 years old.

The MRI was optional and I didn't do it this year. I took the optional abdominal CT scan though.

@codewiz This year the test is optional, probably because they did not want to force someone into it who catches Corona then.
The hospital where I was this year, had many free places if the barium stuff is skipped, so that's what I did.
Btw, hearing Barium I still first think of Star Trek, and then the medical checkup.

@globalc I'm missing that barium reference, even though I watched all the Star Trek movies, all of TOS and Voyager, plus some episodes of TNG, DS9 and Enterprise.

@codewiz That's a pretty good extensive yearly health examination 👍

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