I just wrote this review for , hoping that it will motivate WhisperSystems to fix the issue:

Signal for Android keeps losing messages from some contacts, while the desktop version displays "error handling incoming message".

The same happens also to other users, and has been going on for years. The error message is vague and no obvious way to recover from this error. It makes users lose confidence in Signal and switch to other apps.

There's already a bug on GitHub filed over one year ago, but the developers seem unable to reproduce the issue:

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@codewiz A lot of people I have convinced to use signal never get push notifications. They have all been iPhone users I believe. I've been using it on android for years and never had a single issue. Makes it hard to help people diagnose what's going on with theirs

@Funkpirata On Android, Signal depends on Google's GmsCore so it can receive push notifications while the phone is dozing. This angers lots of purists, but I wouldn't want to use an IM app that doesn't work reliably.

@codewiz I don't have any play services on my phone and signal sends push notifications perfectly fine. It just runs an extra polling process that uses more battery. You can also get the apk directly from the website and it's self updating. The only people I've known to have issues were using IOS.

@Funkpirata ah, I didn't know that GmsCore was a soft dependency. Maybe Moxie caved in to the complaints...

@codewiz haha maybe. Sorry for the shitty "well it works for me" response :-/. Just my 2c

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