btw... I use ...

...which doesn't force you to reboot, but leaves your system in an inconsistent state where your kernel doesn't match the installed modules... apps can't load KFile libs... and a number of other glitches.

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apt-get upgrade is working perfectly for me on ubuntu... fwiw... :)

The only thing I have to fix manually from time to time is repos...

Kubuntu user here: only glitches in Firefox (tabs crash and require the browser to be restarted)

@codewiz haha, can relate. Sometimes konsole with that cool background blur starts flickering after a `sudo pacman -Syu`

@srevinsaju @codewiz Me a Debian stable user:

Gee, I sure hope this doesn't affect me in about 6 years.

@codewiz I'm guessing these are issues Silverblue-like distros + Flatpak will probably be able to fix? :blobcatbox:

(I wonder if that model will end up catching on with more popular distros some day)

@tromino I checked, and the filesystem structure would in theory allow keeping two versions of the same app (see ~/.local/share/flatpak/app).

However, I tried upgrading Signal while it was running, and it immediately erased the old version. I concluded that probably lacks the extra code to keep track of running apps and delete the old version when they exit (or perhaps it's not yet working well enough to make it the default).

@tchx84, do you know more?

@codewiz Problem with kernel modules can be solved with pacman hook (you can find it in aur or copy by hand). I came to updating once a week with reboot.

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