Windows doesn't need to reboot more often than for instance Ubuntu for similar reasons. That's some old idea that's not been true for several years now :)

@sexybiggetje I agree, although I have seen Windows reboot *multiple times* to perform a larger update.

This could be due to packages having separate installers, each requiring reboot before applications requiring them can be installed.


On the other hand, can even update graphics drivers without rebooting.

During the installation., the output stops and the screen goes dark, as if the system had crashed. But then, after a couple of seconds it comes back to life 😌


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Instead, we are regressing: as is switching to , it's no longer possible to restart gnome-shell without losing the entire session. In , it's no longer possible to update kwin_wayland without restarting the session.

Both these these components are much more complex than the X server, and thus more prone to crashing. This is a serious architectural limitation for Wayland and I don't know what could be done about it.


@codewiz I am enjoying your language how well written your opinion is. Thanks, I learned a lot from it.


@ademalsasa @sexybiggetje Thanks! 😊

(hey... I wrote "these these" in my last comment! 🤨)

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