Discover still very buggy, but it seems that Software is even worse. Every time I try it out, it hangs or fails in a different way 😩

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Friends who use GNOME tell me "why can't you just use the shell?"

Answer: because it will _never_ be the year of Linux on the desktop if we can't even get a friggin' GUI updater to work. Come on, even Microsoft could get this right!

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I heard that 's dnf5 will drop PackageKit support:

Good. 'cause it sucked royally.

But will GUI updaters support dnf's new dbus protocol? And will other distros also implement this interface?

...or are we going to see 5 more years of painful interop issues?

I'm afraid to find out... 😔

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@codewiz uhm, do you realize that Microsoft emphasizes on Powershell? They even created a new terminal app for the old cmd.exe.

Also microsoft server are by default without gui and can be controlled by cmd.exe or powershell.

The Year of the Desktop has nothing to do with the power and expressiveness the command line offers.

@comrad There's nothing wrong with Microsoft trying to catch up with Linux for sysadmins and developers. But how would it be received if they told all users to go to the shell to update their systems?

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