@codewiz next time I write code, I'm going to call my variable, no_name_var and I won't accept any review comment to rename it.


by the way, @Maryam... you still don't have an avatar, you know?

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@codewiz I looked it up. I need to install an app for making an Avatar. Why?
It's just a single time use. Why should I suffer through installing an entire app and uninstalling it?

@Maryam uh? I added mine from the web version, but Tusky also lets you pick a photo from your gallery, which includes stuff you have downloaded from the browser or drawn yourself.

@codewiz done. Let me know if you remember who took it ;-)

@Maryam Is that the pic I took in Nara, by some stairs, under a nice flowering tree?

I have good episodic memory, but I'm terrible at remembering kanji and people names. But you already know that, Mary.

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