Amazing icecream place in 😋

The owner is an Italian expat who also lived in Shanghai for 10 years. The business isn't going too well with no tourists, but local consumption is on the raise.

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@codewiz looks awesome! There used to be an Italian ice cream place in a small town near where I grew up.
Then I about 3 years ago, I started an online university course in that same town. I visited three times per semester, always ending up having to run to the train station at the end of the day, until the last day of the spring term when I when I arranged to stay at a friend's place and managed to book a later train. I went on a 2-hour quest to find that awesome ice cream place...

@codewiz ... after scanning every potential place of town I eventually found myself in a square entirely sure they this was the right place. Everything looked familiar (not the same of course as this was many years later). I immediately new where to go from there. As I approached the corner of the square, it became apparent that the ice cream sign had been replaced by a green sign with a yellow m on it 🙊

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