Today I rent this 150cc motorbike I'm Chiang Mai. I'm learning to ride with manual shift, so I went for a smaller bike that feels similar to a scooter. After I get used to it, I'll switch to a heavier motorbike.

@codewiz Badass. So you finally got your license, or you're an outlaw now.

@benoit @tagomago I have 3 driver's licenses: Italy (but it's expired), Massachusetts (but only for cars) and Japan (but it's in japanese).

The only very minor problem is that i couldn't obtain an International Driving Permit, which is essentially a translation of any domestic license:

@benoit @tagomago I am much more concerned to get into an accident than to get fined. All the safety advice I'm getting from experienced friends involves equipment that can't be purchased here.

So I'm riding with an open-face helmet and no other protections for my fragile human body... essentially what everyone else does around here 😰

@codewiz @tagomago isn't the thailand police super harmful as the country is basically run by military?

I wouldn't drive without a license in Japan, that's a good way to do some custody.

@benoit @tagomago Don't you think it would be dangerous for me to discuss this topic in a public thread? 😄

But no, the police seems quite nice here (I had only two interactions, and I had not done anything serious).

@codewiz every time I get on the backsit of motorcycle, I feel I am gonna die (seriously I get scared)

@Dashtop Same here, even while I'm driving. I'm guessing this will gradually fade away as I get more confident.

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