In Japan, melons were crazy expensive at the supermarket by my house (¥6000 each).

@codewiz This reminds me i should really eat more greens

@koreymoffett Now I'm with friends who can actually cook. When I'm alone, I eat lots of raw veggies in salads, or as snacks (carrots and cucumbers with humus).

@codewiz oh i cant do humus lol not for me i guess

@koreymoffett In Japan, I found that you can also rub miso or sesame sauce on kyuri (Japanese cucumber).

@codewiz Do I see that correct, that they've packaged the strawberries just like pralines?

@comrad Yes, they do this all the time... even the bananas are wrapped in cellophane 😩

@comrad to be fair, in fruit is often used as gift when you visit someone's house. This is why it's usually wrapped nicely.

But when I just want to eat some grape, there's no cheap option in the entire supermarket 😞

@codewiz @comrad but it looks so nice!! I had issue with buying cheese at inflated prices. #brie

@codewiz @comrad Couldn`t agree more. I live in Japan too and fruits are damn expensive!

@codewiz You can't compare fruit prices in Japan with other countries. 😉 I guess, in almost every other country the prices are lower.
Spain: melon > in summer 0,39 € / kg > in winter (now) 1,99 € / kg
To be fair ... Japan has limited space to cultivate fruits, many of them are imported.

@codewiz @veer66 Bernie bought all Thai fruits, nothing left for BKK citizens. 🤣🤣🤣

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