I went to with 87 and it could read MIDI events without asking for permission, even while another tab is active.

Does this mean that all websites can silently snoop on MIDI? 😰

cc: @kai @tagomago

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Also, what synth software should I use on Linux? I'm looking for something that would take multiple MIDI inputs from different instruments.
@kai @tagomago

@BollerwagenPicard @kai @tagomago I want to use the instruments all at once, to play as a band with friends.

@codewiz @kai

>I'm looking for something that would take multiple MIDI inputs from different instruments.

I'm not that versed, but I think that's expected from every MIDI software? I use the Rosegarden sequencer backed with the Qsynth synthesizer.

This tutorial was useful to me:

@tagomago @codewiz @kai Usas algún programa con instrumentos, teclado y tal para Linux que no sea demasiado complicado?


No, solo el ratón y el teclado del ordenador. He hecho solo un poquito de composición, así que con la interfaz gráfica y un poco de paciencia es suficiente. Pero sí, a Rosegarden le puedes enchufar instrumentos midi, creo recordar que en el tutorial de arriba se usa un teclado.

@tagomago ¿Sabes si con un teclado usb se puede hacer algo ahí?

@codewiz @kai @tagomago I think midi is considered safe to read by Website

@BollerwagenPicard @kai @tagomago Chromium has a permission for MIDI, a d it's set to "Ask every time". But then it doesn't ask. Looks like a bug to me...

@codewiz @kai @tagomago könnte aber auch für das Schreiben von Midi Signalen sein und nicht zum Lesen?

@codewiz Btw, I opened the inspector and I think that what you hear on is not midi but pre-recorded ogg files and a bunch of JS, that's why you can play it so easily.

@tagomago @codewiz But if you've got a MIDI device plugged in, then the browser can read it. Hearing it playing what you're playing into your MIDI keyboard is the issue.

@wizzwizz4 @tagomago Yes, just plug a instrument into the computer, and will let receive all the events. No need to grant permissions.

@tagomago I filed a bug yesterday, and it was closed as duplicate of another bug which is not publicly visible:

@codewiz sorry I really have no idea about any of this stuff 😅

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