is catching up to the features that users love on WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE.

@codewiz ooooo, Camprubí, I love his ads!

I should make sure to check out Signal, it might be about time tbh

@codewiz oh right, it’s not on F-Droid


@codewiz I should maybe give Signal another try. It was moderately okay for screenreader users, but maybe it has evolved.

@codewiz Reasonable tools for chat administration would be nice. Not being bound to a phone number would be nice. An actual desktop app that I can run on my Pinebook Pro would be nice

@codewiz @Gargron It would be nevertheless nice if #Signal stays what it is: A privacy respecting messenger. Please don't try to get a social media network implementing stories and all that sh1t.

@codewiz I hope whatsapp adds features, like not being owned by facebook!

@codewiz yo I lived in chiang mai for 3 months. That is a tight spot! How is it during this era' with covid and all?

@codewiz I do the vegan and cycling stuff too. If only I could work from anywhere.

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