How to Lower the Price of Plant-Based Meat

My thoughts: plant-based meat is still 2x more expensive than beef and 4x more expensive than chicken... but getting cheaper and growing in distribution across America, Europe and Asia.

Even if you're not vegetarian, please consider eating plant-based meat for its lower environmental impact. Choosing vegetarian food sometimes is still better than doing nothing.

@anon_les Now there's even plant-based meat with fake blood (leghemoglobin) 😜

(seriously, I tried it and something is still missing... probably it's the different type of fat)

@codewiz cheaper plant-based meat seems like an economic inevitability

@kai Once they ramp up production, economy of scale should start to do its job...

@codewiz and honestly it's not plant based meat but superior plant based cheese that the world is waiting for 😂

@kai Yes, definitely. I'd already be if vegan cheese was closer to real pecorino, mozzarella and ricotta!

Though I'm satisfied with the vegan feta cheese in greek salads and the vegan yellow cheese for burgers 😋

(both pics are from Good Souls Kitchen, Chiang Mai)

@codewiz it's amazing what you can get away with if you hide something in a sandwich.

But on pizza, cheese is the star 😅

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