I rode to Elephant Nature Park, 1.5h north of Chiang Mai.

I'm the only visitor today, and they have are 98 elephants to feed... this is their "snack" 😰

This female fell off a cliff on a mountain and broke a leg. One year later, the injuries are still visible, but she has regained weight and can walk again. She needs daily veterinarian care to clean and disinfect the injuries.

In this difficult time for an elephant shelter, they're makkng these "elephant cakes" that people can buy online as a surprise gift for a particular elephant or for a family.

In Japan, a fruit cake of this size would cost >$1000 🀭

Mae Mai, our badly injured elephant, also got a cake today πŸ₯°

A happy family, including a juvenile and a grandma.

Elephants without health conditions are roaming freely in the huge park. This young guy approached us, and my guide says he's a "troublemaker"...

Troublemaker explores my guide's face. He seems most curious about that short protuberance over the mouth, where the trunk should be! πŸ˜‚

Lunch time! 😻

I'm surprised by how well behaved they were: no fighting, no begging... they just waited patiently in front of their trays.

The rescued dogs are also incredibly well behaved, better than most dogs with a full-time owner.

What's their secret? Do they mix tranquilizers with their food? πŸ€”

The water buffaloes are also incredibly friendly 😝

Is this what would happen if wild and domestic animals were raised together in a place where they feel safe and don't need to compete for food? πŸ€”

But the dog shelter has several disabled dogs 😿

After dinner, three of the free-roaming dogs followed me to my room and kept moaning, sobbing, and scratching the door until I let them in!

Bah, as long as it doesn't become a habit... :blobheartcat:

The black & white dog snores loudly.
The black one sobs in his sleep.
Caffellatte drank water from the WC.


In the mor kng, we visited the disabled dogs again. They have wheelchairs designed in Canada.

The park serves delicious food for volunteers, guides and visitors πŸ˜‹

I captured a conversation between elephants.

Besides their signature trumpet sound, elephants can also emit a low-pitched growl and, unexpectedly, squeak like dolphins or seals 🀨


Baby elephants are such troublemakers! πŸ€—

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