I just tried Nearby Share to send Signal's encrypted backup (1.5GB) over to my new Android phone and... just worked! First time I see a peer-to-peer file transfer method that's easy to use, fast and reliable. Anyone remembers OBEX? 😝

@codewiz will it be natively supported by linux, windows though?

@codewiz also a little worried about proprietary part, NFC is alright I guess

@Dashtop To be fair, I have no idea what the underlying protocols of Nearby Sharing look like.

But since Android is open source, I assume anyone could look at the code and implement the same protocols for Linux, Windows, etc.

I guess we could start by searching the implementation of these APIs in the AOSP codebase:

@codewiz hmm, seems like it's a standard for wireless standard documentation to refer as advertiser and discoverer(ble)

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