@codewiz Welcome back! Did you have to do a test right before leaving, and are on self-quarantine now?

@globalc Oh, I'm actually still in Thailand, that photo is several years old (from Kyoto, iirc).

@codewiz @globalc I knew it was kyoto.

This is from Kyoto in October 2019. They upgraded their garage door with pads to protect the car.

@codewiz @rune @globalc I don't get it. Why is that so? The garages are too small?

@Maryam @codewiz @globalc I think kyoto has a special layout. Some of the streets are basically just 1,5 car wide paved roads with a line painted on each side for sidewalks. So you can't park there unless you have a garage and all the houses there are real small too.

They probably made garages as small as possible but suddenly cars got bigger and stopped fitting.

@codewiz Right.. you might be able to do tax declaration then over the internet. Time span to do it was extended to April this year.

@globalc Last year I could fill the forms online, but couldn't file it online because the mynumber app was crashing and I didn't have some 10-digit pin code... I don't quite remember the details, but it was hilariously hard.

So I guess I could mail the forms from Thailand and pray that they arrived... or ask a friend to print the forms in Japan and mail them.

@codewiz I did specifically think of you, because a colleague from France who intends to file for PR told me that for filing PR, he would extra have to write an excuse letter because he was once late with doing tax declaration (reason was in Europe, if I recall directly).

Tax declaration is one of the reasons I do not meddle into stock trading.. I just have to declare the IBM stock I get assigned from employer, that's it for me.

@codewiz Actually, they did only take one single paper from me, the paper slip of 2020 earnings, where also already payed income taxed are noted down.
I wanted to give them the papers for RSU /stock I received, but they said these need to stay with me, I need to keep them 5 years :(.
Basically, I declared and did not give or show them any proof, just the value of the received RSU/stock in yen. They can request proof in the next 5 years from me, though.

@jan @codewiz This was hilarious.
I actually liked the old man for not seeking absolute comfort and for embracing his constraints.

@codewiz wie kommt der Fahrer da aus dem Auto selbst raus? 😂

@Redqueen Good question. The drive sits on the right side in Japan. Perhaps if the wall is very very thin there's enough space to open the door...

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