Before destroying all humans, Blast had to download an update into its brain, and then even update the firmware of each motor! 🤭

Could be a plot element in the next Terminator junk sequel...

<rant> Blast has one motor per leg, and they must be spinning at the same time for the robot to advance in a straight line. But if a child stacks two "run motor X clockwise for N rotations" blocks, they will be run in sequence, causing the robot to spin left and right instead of advancing. Then we found that you can select two motors in a single block, but you can only pick one direction, which doesn't work since the leg motors are facing each other! 😩

It took me a while to find a solution: there are "extension blocks" which you need to enable... but where do the added block go? Took me a while to notice the "Show all blocks" in gray at the bottom of the screen.

Finally, we have a block to perform the most elementary action in all LOGO-derived languages: moving forward.

@benoit Just an iPad with a bumper shell for kids.

The app is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Just not Linux 😞

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