This is hilarious.
If you want to transfer more than 50000¥ by using the Japan Post website, you need an OTP specific app. The app is only delivering code from 07:00 to 23:00.

Because yes, why would you make a transfer at night?

Japan in a nutshell.

/cc @codewiz


@p2501 @benoit Japanese banks are still stuck in the '90s. Mine gave me a little thingie that looks like a calculator... it's a pre-smartphone era OTP 🤦‍♀️

@codewiz @benoit Oh, these are still pretty common. My bank has them too as default, until you activate a phone based 2FA (as well as a fallback just in case).

@p2501 @benoit On second thought, using the smarphone as second factor seems silly when it's the same device on which a user logs in and performs all banking operations. The calculator thing is airgapped and thus more secure.

My other Japanese bank, Shinsei, gave me a plastic card with a grid of numbers and letters. Every time I log in I must lookup 4 of them to complete a security code... it reminds me of the copy protections of some C64 videogames 😂

@codewiz @p2501 ah I have a security card also for Rakuten Bank. But I can connect without... Don't know the usage.

@codewiz @p2501 yeah Japan Post Bank has also OTP device but you need to buy it around 1600¥. It's either that device or the shitty app.

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