This is hilarious.
If you want to transfer more than 50000¥ by using the Japan Post website, you need an OTP specific app. The app is only delivering code from 07:00 to 23:00.

Because yes, why would you make a transfer at night?

Japan in a nutshell.

/cc @codewiz

@benoit @codewiz german public tv has a streaming service and shows whoch are rated 16+ are only accesible between 22:00-6:00

because adult people dont sleep at night and kids do!!1!

@khaosgrille @benoit Broadcast television laws look so silly in the Internet streaming era...

In , many series air past midnight because everyone uses advanced DVR devices to record them overnight and watch them when they have time:

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I'm not sure why streaming services have been so slow at changing consumer habits in ... Here, the NHK is still going door-to-door, demanding a subscription if they see any type of screen in the house 😂

@khaosgrille @benoit

@codewiz @benoit was same here til the goverment decided everyone had to pay anyway...
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