Burger King's veggie burgers have arrived in Bangkok! I wanna try it out...
*and* !

The plant based whopper is the cheapest meal! 😯

Has Impossible Meat finally figured out how to scale production?

Affordable meat is a reality!


They shouldn't use the word "vegan" for lower environmental impact diets. They should use "vegan" only for the movement that recognizes the dignity of non-human people, as has been done for decades 😟

@alexl @codewiz I must ask, is plants not considered living beings? I thought we were reducing meats for lowering carbon emission and energy lost in power pyramid

@Dashtop @codewiz

Animals are sentient beings capable of feeling pain, fear, happiness and hope. Plants are unconscious and do not even have a centralized nervous system. However it is a matter of empathy.

The theory of global warming due to human (CO2) emissions has nothing scientific but is only a dogma supported by economic interests.

@alexl @codewiz I must inquire, how is reducing consumption is of economic interest?

@Dashtop @codewiz

Examples of economic interests:

1) delaying the bursting of the financial bubble through public investments passed off as an ecological transition (in the past wars have played the same role but today a world war cannot be waged because of the atomic bomb).

2) Speculate on the need to replace products, for example to sell more cars but electric.

3) Promote nuclear energy.

4) Speculate on photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and batteries.


@Dashtop @codewiz

5) To prevent third world countries from developing their industry and becoming more independent, because developed countries want to continue exploiting their natural resources and their labor at very low cost.

6) Imposing pseudo-ecological requirements on businesses that only large corporations can meet, destroying the small and medium-sized businesses that were resisting, that is, further centralization of power.


@Dashtop @codewiz

7) Distract public opinion from real environmental problems caused by the corporations themselves.

These things are not guesses. These are all things that are really happening.


@alexl so first world country reducing consumption(carbon emission) seems like a solution we can agree on.Honestly I think developed countries should fund developing countries for renewable energy as carbon offset.
I think people should move to public transport and reduction on coals, oils(also reduces foreign dependence). I do agree on other points except the corporation point where I think we can look at Japan and like with trash we can make them follow eco standards.
So we agree? :)


No, I am for REAL environmental policies, which concern the real pollution of water, soil and air.
The real problem with combustion is nanoparticles, something incredibly dangerous that does not exist in Nature and that leads to so called nanopathologies. CO2 is NOT a pollutant, it is the food of plants (the substances extracted from the soil constitute a very small part of the mass of plants). Also note how some species grow much faster with higher CO2 concentrations:

@alexl yes, trees do grow faster on slightly higher carbon dioxide (high school science), but the warming causes more river floods, tsunami, cyclones.

Other sign such as early blossom are also alarming:


It's not that I don't know this stuff, I tried to check the facts and no, this is ridiculously false.

I'm not going to convince you of my conclusions. But I advise you to check the statements thoroughly.

@codewiz w/o cheese, it seems? Btw I found a cheese that's perfect. Not that I recommend vegan junk food, but.

@codewiz affordable vegan meat is always reality 😂 ❤️

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