Looks like the is listening to the public outcry and is willing to take corrective steps!

Everybody please hold your stones and give them some time for reflection.

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@codewiz If the board of directors are making the decision about the board of directors, that might be an issue. Hope not, though.

@wizzwizz4 I'm afraid there's no other way. Members have no voting power in the current FSF by-laws.

@codewiz @wizzwizz4 Neither does the Board of Directors. That's reserved to RMS and his buddies in a tiny secret group called "Voting Members".

@downey @wizzwizz4 How tiny is this secret group exactly? The board was already down to 5 members when they re-elected rms! 😂

@downey @wizzwizz4 And the saddest thing is... I have never heard of any of the current board members except for Gerald Sussman.

And while Sussman is the author of one of my favorite CS books (SICP), he's not exactly known for being a big contributor or advocate of Free Software 😞

@downey @wizzwizz4 Benjamin Mako Hill, Bradley M. Kuhn and the recently appointed Alexandre Oliva vanished from the board some time after October 2019:

cc: @mako @[email protected]

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