@codewiz I wonder if it’s legal to not accept the local currency.

@greypilgrim @codewiz US dollars are legal tender for all *debts*, public and private.

However, the seller need not be compelled to go into debt with you 😋

@greypilgrim In France at least I'm pretty sure it's not, as long as you can pay the exact amount (the seller has no obligation to give you change). @codewiz

@codewiz Might be an example of 'hygiene theatre'. By now, most people (including the CDC, I think) have accepted that COVID-19 is mostly spread through the air, not by surfaces.

If they are really concerned about safety, they would put up a barrier at the bar to stop airflow from customers.

@codewiz Japan. (Well they made great progress, I use cash very rarely now...).

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