It's also mostly empty, and the guy in front of me is flying with a cute puppy 🐶

She's an "emotional support dog", and
she's sure doing her job well 🥰


I got the Tesla, and after a few miles on the 101, it told me to hold the steering wheel more firmly 😧

A little later, I sped up to 70mph to overtake a truck, and the car scolded me again! Now I'm no longer allowed to use the autopilot until the end of the trip 😭

@codewiz This doesn't seem safe.

The idea that your car will switch off features if it thinks you're misusing them… there's a fundamental design flaw somewhere in there. I would not trust those people with safety-critical infrastructure that I put my body inside.

@tagomago It's also quite unnerving when the car waits until the last moment for steering on the highway exit ramp. But if you take over the wheel to gently enter the exit lane a bit earlier, it beeps at you like you're about to wreck the car 🤨

Bah, I guess the software will improve within a couple of years... for now, it's a nice-to-have toy.

@codewiz Oh, yes that's weird indeed. I would expect the autopilot to prefer that kind of human interaction than inaction. Anyway... yeah, probably this will be our future.

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