Hey #vegan and #lactoseIntolerant people.

What's a good heavy cream substitute for savory dishes like pasta sauces?

Tried soy cream last night and it was... not good.

@jackalope If you're making pasta with cream as in Italian cuisine, good soy cream works fine. It should look like this: primiveloci.it/pasta-panna-zuc

If you want to make pasta con besciamella, make a bechamel sauce with oil, flour, laurel/bay leaf, nutmeg, and almond milk.

#LactoseIntolerant #CucinaItaliana

@tfb @jackalope @codewiz Bechamel comes out beautifully with oil instead of butter/margarine, I make it like that regularly for my lasagnas.


Yes, my friends in Thailand also make bechamel without butter, and it tastes great.

Olive oil also has a healthier HDL/LDL ratio, so my aging cardiovascular system appreciates.

@tagomago @tfb @jackalope

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