Which identically priced Chianti Classico DOCG should I buy, 2016 or 2017? 🤔

@kai Ah, I didn't know you liked Chianti 🍷🥴👍

@codewiz it's terrible but I've been drinking canned wine. It's the perfect serving size, and this rose I found pairs so well with my favorite butter that I can't pass it up 😂

@kai My instinctive reaction to canned wine was: 😝

But in fact, i don't think it would alter the flavor...

@codewiz I don't think it does but I'm sure it's a more commercial product than I might otherwise prefer.

How's the Chianti?

@kai Yes, it's quite good... a little sower (as reviewed). But now I wish I had bought the other one for comparison. I might have learned something about wine tasting...

@kai Along with your recommendation, it's 3 out of 3 for the Santa Margherita.

Purchased! 💵<->🍷

@codewiz I'm more familiar with the brand than the Chianti in particular.

@codewiz Haha... You gotta' go older, right? Old wine = good wine -- am I wrong?

@pikurasa So they say, but my palate is not refined enough to appreciate wines >5-6 years old. They taste sort of... stuffy. And yes, I know there are decanters, but the taste remains "old".

I guess I could get to like aged wines if I get used...

@codewiz As for me, I just look for a good price and a good picture on the bottle. 🤣

That being said, the best wine I ever had was aged wine. My aunt and uncle in Japan (long-story) served it to me and my mom when we stayed at their place the first time.

It was a really good wine. 🍷

@pikurasa Do you have recommendations for Japanese red wines? After 3 years, I still haven't made up my mind...

@codewiz The wine I had in Japan was from France, I think. The "Aunt and Uncle" lived in France for a decade or so.

Have no idea about Japanese vintage of red wine...

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