Today I'm flying to Boca Chica TX to visit the construction site 🚀

South Padre Island is at the end of this barrier island.

There's a huge wind farm... in South Texas!

I spotted another one of those Peace Poles outside Valley International Airport, Harlingen. ☮️

cc: @benoit

The on the left should be , so far the only landing survivor. She was scheduled for a second flight, but then they removed all three engines (presumably because they were damaged) and eventually it was moved back to the construction site.

On the right, the "high bay", which seems to contains and pieces of the booster (the first one which is expected to fly).

All the sections of have already been spotted on the site, an a good number of them are already stacked.


South Texas Ground Tracking Station.

I believe this was here before construction began.

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In sequence:
- Historic Starhopper prototype which flew in July 2019
- Blast wall
- Sections of the orbital launch tower waiting to be stacked,
- The giant crane "Frankenzilla" which is building the 130m launch tower

On the left, the cryogenic fuel farm under construction.

The cryogenic fuel farm uses steel tanks very similar to , but they will be enclosed in thermal insulating shells (like the one on the right) to store superchilled O2 and methane more efficiently.

This is the access road to Boca Chica Beach. It's Saturday, and families are coming to enjoy the sea, mostly ignoring the in the background.

(the car on the right got stuck in the sand; another car is trying to toe it out of it)

Today I went to South Padre Island, a resort island situated north of the launch complex.

I'm not interested in the beach, so I took a walk along the jetty...

But wait... what's that?
No, not the ass... on the opposite shore!

It's the construction site! 🤩

Bit it's too far to observe their activity. Even with a telescope, there would be too much atmospheric haze.

Today I wasted my afternoon at the stupid South Padre Island while Frankenzilla was stacking section 4 of the orbital launch tower 😓

In the evening, I went back to Boca Chica and decided to walk through the swamps around the
launch site...

I stumble into a piece of torn steel... could this be a chunk of , the prototype whose test flight ended in a mid-air explosion?

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@srevinsaju How about this one? Too colorful? This one is a "creation", meaning that Google Photos made it based on machine learning magic ✨

@codewiz Yea, this is a bit more colorful. The previous edit was more realistic ✨

@benoit @srevinsaju Just Google Photos, but I have a Google One subscription which unlocks these extra filters.

@codewiz @srevinsaju it's been a while since I moved away from GPhotos... Didn't know they added paid features :o

@codewiz you can have good dehaze with a digital one I guess.

@benoit ohh... I guess tripod + long exposures + computational photography can do miracles...

@benoit I'd better test some equipment before the next launch of I want to get some footage.

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