I can't believe Valve is actually launching a consumer device powered by and !

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@codewiz ooooh
Do you think this will cause a bunch of new stuff to be added to the aur?

If only it would be a slight step up from 1200x800, like 1440x900 or so. That's a common resolution and would make it so crisp!

But all in all its a good device, and good software stack. I don't like the, but it functions properly so why not

@sexybiggetje Ah, I'm betting "kde" was autocorrected to "the".

Ah yes, you are right. I'll add KDE to the dictionary 🤣

It's based on Debian not Arch by informations I have read.

I saw arch on the official specifications; it lists 'SteamOS 3.0 (Arch-based)'

@wallace @sexybiggetje @codewiz SteamOS is based on Debian but they will apparently go with Arch for the Deck.

@Skolliagh @sexybiggetje @wallace Probably they wanted fresher libraries for games and the latest KDE Plasma with Wayland?

But I highly doubt they're using pacman for updates... If they're smart, they're sending deltas of the entire OS image, like ChromiumOS and Android.

@codewiz @sexybiggetje @wallace Well, SteamOS isn't really the most up to date anyway, that's why you have project like who aim to update and improve the SteamOS experience.

@Skolliagh @sexybiggetje @wallace Anyway, don't they have multiple levacy runtimes for old games that were built for 32bit versions of Ubuntu? Not to mention Proton / Wine...

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