First day in Italy. We're staying with my Mamma in the house where I grew up. Due to Covid, she's been very lonely for over 1 year.

This was my sister's bedroom, and what remains of my computer stuff was moved here. 🤓

I love these breakfast cookies with hazelnut cream (same as Nutella), and my Mamma knows it 😋

My mamma is still buying the newspaper every day. I have no idea where, because both the newsstands near her house have disappeared.

La Repubblica used to be a leftist newspaper, but now the front page is praising the new Prime Minister Draghi for "rescuing the [justice] reform"

I couldn't make sense of Italian politics even when I lived here 🤷


These are the projections for political elections in Italy.

The League (formerly a separatist party, now simply xenophobic) leads at 20.5%, followed by Fratelli d'Italia (Italy's Brothers... never heard of them, but from the name I'd guess yet another right-wing party). Third place, with a 19.7% share, the Democratic Party (PD), heir of the former Communist Party and today's center-left. Then comes the Five Star Movement, populist party founded by the notorious comedian Beppe Grillo 🤦‍♂️

@codewiz Lately it seems that Italy is constantly on the brink of falling apart politically (or becoming another Hungary/Poland). I hope it's only a short phase, a sign of the times that will eventually pass.

@tagomago @codewiz You can say that about most countries theses days

@Maryam @tagomago Yeah, @rubenquidam was just commenting that this what they always say about Spain since the 12th century 😂

@codewiz @Maryam @rubenquidam Yeah, well, I only hope Salvini is not the next Italian president.

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