The steep stairs leading to the top are built in the hollow space between the outer and the inner dome.


The inside of the inner dome is decorated with scenes of heaven and hell (note the big Jesus sitting on the top-right side and Satan chewing on damned souls in the opposite corner).

They were out of rental cars, so we rent a van to go to Siena.

Bit first, quick stop in San Gimignano, "the Manhattan of the Middle Ages".

While walking around in the Contrada della Torre, we spotted the smoke of a giant barbecue...

It's a giant banquet organized by the contrada!

I've seen them before, but only around the days of the Palio...

They still haven't started dining... Perhaps they've won the Palio on July 2nd and they're still celebrating three weeks later?

There's a plastic statue of a dude holding a horse whip in the contrada's church... Do they sanctify jockeys who won the Palio?!? 🤨

As I thought, both Palio races got canceled this year due to Covid:

But this doesn't prevent the contradaioli from celebrating in big street banquets... still better than indoors, right?

🍷😷 <-2m->😷🍖

Zoom on the river to get a closer look at the Ponte Vecchio, with its big load of goldsmith shops and the Corridoio Vasariano on top:

(sorry for the low-res photo, it was taken with a phone!)

@codewiz I like the angel on the left just casually mooning everyone.

@codewiz Or should consider that Manhattan is the modern San Gimignano 🙂
Have fun;. Toscana is a really beautifull region, I hope For you you have enough time to see Siena, Lucca, Pisa, certado alto, or stop in small village and have a glass of wine in a "café".

@MarcFramboisier We had less than 1 day to see Siena... Leaving now :-(

@codewiz come diceva il diabetico: bastardooooooo 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 (altro che colazione al Nannini )

@globalc This reminded me that I must re-watch this excellent movie in English.

Of course it works quite well in Italian too, but dubs are rarely as good as the original script...

Years ago I've made a trip Genoa-Lucca-Siena-Firenze-Roma. Sienna was my favorite. Especially there was virtually no traffic in the center and the heritage is incredible.
I like it so much that I've been there and back from Firenze the next day because I forgot my camera charger at the hotel 😅
By the way, how difficult is it in Italy to find vegetarian/vegan food?

@Fabimaru It's getting easier and easier every year! Now the word appears prominently on many menus for tourists, and I even heard Italians saying that vegan meat doesn't taste bad after all.

We're a more conservative culture, but eventually we'll get there...

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