Can't wait to see BN4 sitting on the orbital pad with SN20 stacked on top! 🤩

@codewiz Wish I could figure out how to watch it full screen without all the noise from the peanut gallery blocking a third of the screen. Even ignoring the obstruction it’s super distracting. I could not care less what Internet randos have to say about what’s going on.

@codewiz At least on the web version there's "hide chat". Couldn't find that in the iOS app.

@codewiz Given how huge that thing is, it's pretty amazing that it appears to be being rotated by a few guys tugging on cables.

@codewiz Also given that all that plumbing is exposed, the aerodynamic loads that will be experienced by the plumbing that the cables are getting caught on are going to be far larger than anyone could exert on them by pulling on the cables.

@codewiz Much higher chamber pressure, more thrust, and a much higher thrust to weight ratio than the SSME, but at the cost of some specific impulse that you more than get back from the much smaller tanks necessary for the much denser fuel.

@codewiz It's hard to tell how gigantic that thing is in the zoomed out view because there's not much frame of reference.

@codewiz When they said they are accelerating the first full stacking, they weren’t kidding.

@codewiz Elon time used to be a mockery of overambitious deadlines and estimates... but it seems like we are now living in Elon time. Starhopper was just two years ago. SN5 150m hop was exactly one year ago. I remember they said something like "full starship in a year" but I read that as 5-10 years. Yet, here we are, I can't believe my eyes.

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