@codewiz So cool. And now we know that the pieces actually fit together. :)

@codewiz what was the thing in the last video? Where Musk said, "the pointier the better"

@kai uh? I must have missed this part.

Here he says "minus the lifts", which also seems a bit random:

@kai The grid fin? It's for maneuvering the booster through the airflow at hypersonic speed.

...hypersonic grid fins...


@codewiz hmm! and here I thought they were just big shoe cleaners 😋

@kai Maybe the four giant shoe cleaners were an "in case" requirement, and they forgot to delete the part or the step before optimizing it for hypersonic wind speeds 😂

@codewiz Wikipedia says grid fins are effective at subsonic and supersonic speeds, but not transonic speeds, (based!)
which would explain the need for fin retractors. But I remember Musk saying something about their simulations not reflecting a need for it.

@kai We'll see what happens when reality hits the... fin 😂

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