7:10am: high-speed rail to Milan

The Frecciarossa ETR 500 travels at 300km/h and takes 1h 50m to get from Firenze to Milan:

I booked the silent car with wifi and power 👨‍💻

The high-speed train made a mystery stop outside Milano Centrale... No announcements... I risk missing my connection in 10 minutes! 😥

Arrived in Milano Centrale, with its majestic 1931 iron arches.

Now I gotta run to be at platform 2 within 7 minutes! 🥵

The Trenord regionale 2418 to Domodossola is a big step down from the Frecciarossa 😥

It's one of those double decker trains... I've never seen one in Italy before.

This clunker electrotrain is moving at a peak speed of 140km/h. It's a far cry from the high-speed rail, but still competitive with a car ride and way cheaper: €10.80 for 131km.

Arrived in Domodossola. I have 1h to get brunch...

A nice man pointed me at this amazing "baguetteria" 😋

They also have a seducing display of fruit tarts 🤤

Multigrain eggplant & tomato baguette, blackberry tart, small beer and espresso: everything for €12.40, tax included and no tipping.

Ok, back to Domodossola station to catch my next train...

11:58: Domodossola 🇮🇹 -> 🇨🇭 Brig

Will they check for passports onboard? Actually, do you even need a passport to cross the EU / Switzerland border nowadays? 🤔

Getting off the BLS in Brig (or Brigue for francophones) and looking for my next connection...

No border control, as anticipated by @tagomago and @MarcFramboisier.

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@codewiz I believe CH is Schengen, so they shouldn't check passports? But I don't know, maybe there're ad hoc covid norms...

@codewiz No, for European citizens, the ID is enough. For the other nationalities, I do not know.
Last times I crossed the swiss border by road, I was never controled.
On most of the roads there is no control booth on the broader.

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@codewiz German speaking does not imply that you are outside of Italy. In the "South Tyrol" they speak german and they are italian

@MarcFramboisier Oh, I have a friend from there. People always assume he's German, and it pisses him off when they he says"Nein, sono Italiano di Tirolo!" and they still seem unconvinced by his distinctive accent 😆

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@codewiz There were no passport controls between Germany and Switzerland

@codewiz these are popular in North America en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombardi

The upper level is significantly quieter than the lower one.

@kai That hex car design is cool! Too bad it's not electric!

@codewiz *this* drives me crazy!

The Ontario government study showed that diesel trains only increase the total area emissions by 1% or whatever.

But if you keep doing these studies, you keep increasing emissions based on a new normal… 😅

I believe there are finally some plans to electrify, but doing anything in Canada takes generations. 😔

@codewiz tra questo, il double decker per Domodossola e il lago, mi fai fare un salto nel passato 😍

@ilwoody Si, non volava una mosken. Entrando ho sbattuto un po' la valigia e un signore si è girato e mi ha guardato storto.

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