Today I'm relocating to and looking for long-term housing.

I have zero friends in LA. Any fedinauts living around here?

Landed. And passed through US immigration without showing a passport or other ID: just face recognition 😨

@codewiz I need to follow you, just because of the screenshot. All the best for your search.

@codewiz So... How will you manage your Japan place? Still paying the rent and you will need to empty it the next time you come?

@benoit I paid until the end of September. Trying to sell / give away all furniture now. Then I'll move what's left to storage somewhere and come back for it as soon as possible.

Any help would be highly appreciated. I'm not sure the building management will agree to take apart the IKEA wardrobe which won't otherwise pass through the door.

@codewiz Welcome! Don’t worry about the smoke from the fires and the occasional quake… in exchange there’s some great Mexican food pretty much everywhere. 😁

@tsturm @codewiz ok I need to ask, where are your favorite taco places in LA? I’m visiting in November and need a few recommendations to try.

@dave @codewiz Heh… I’m living near San Francisco. We do sometimes visit LA, but I have no intel on local Taco places..

@tsturm @codewiz ahhh ok, I haven’t been to SF yet but as a gay man I face in its direction during my daily prayers. I’ll hit you up for taco recs someday when I make my pilgrimage.

@codewiz The recognition worked even though you were wearing a mask? 😷

@yojimbo No, they make you take it off in front of the Global Entry machines.

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