The image converter no longer works for me:

Perhaps it's because now browsers require https to upload files? Tested on both Firefox and Chrome...

Anyone knows an offline image converter? It's for... work.

@codewiz When I was searching for one, I ended up instead looking at instructions on how to accomplish that with gimp: reducing resolution and the colours does it. Should also be doable with Imagemagick.

@globalc I'm trying with ImageMagick:

convert bernie-thumb-square.jpg -scale 160x160 -dither FloydSteinberg -remap c64_palette.png out.png

but the result looks too "good" for the :

@codewiz @globalc The VIC-II has more restrictions than just the palette. takes care of all that and you can manipulate dithering and color handling live until you like the result.
@codewiz @globalc @root @mike "for Multicolor". It doesn't seem to support hires mode (twice the horizontal pixels, but only 2 colors in each 8x8 block instead of 4).

@codewiz Ahh, now that’s an era appropriate dither. Very nice.

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