I loved this sequence where Miwa takes off on a weird jet plane called Big Shooter while Hiroshi jumps off a cliff with a winged motorbike:

All of Go Nagai mechas had unnecessarily complicated launch sequences. Ufo Robot Grandizer had multiple route options:


Trider G7 came out in the middle of the decadent age of mecha anime, characterized by toy robots piloted by children.

I thought it was silly even when I was the same age of the protagonist!


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Daitarn 3 was another overengineered where the pilot would drive a flying police car (the Mach Patrol), dock into a hole between the legs of the robot, then take a high-speed rocket railway to the other side of the robot and then begin a long transformation sequence.


For being a designed to promote a transformable toy, Daitarn 3 had pretty good humor. Plus, the Meganoid commanders were all caricatures of human flaws: narcissism, greed, lust, ambition...

This one for instance wanted to direct the greatest martial arts movie of all times 😂

The Meganoids also had their own transformation sequences: they used a special machine with four energy emitters to grow and shapeshift their bodies into a Megaborg before the final duel with the Daitarn 3.

There are cues that becoming a Megaborg is irreversible and a difficult step for some Meganoid commanders who are still attached to their original human form.


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